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Downtown, Olympus Town

No reg goes South of the Canal

Downtown Olympus Town (A NaNoWriMo novel)
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Downtown Olympus Town - The Bastard Son of Genre
Downtown Olympus Town is a NanoWrimo novel attempt by jbaddley for 2007.

The protagonist is Marc Spartan, a hard-boiled detective making a living in the distant future. He fins things and people, he catches people doing what they shouldn't. It's not the best of jobs but it keeps Spartan alive.

That changes when a mysterious woman, who won't allow Spartan to see her face and will only be referred to as Viola, hires him to find a runaway girl. There is more to the girl than Spartan could ever expect and he, and his associates, will be drawn into a nightmare of bioengineering and immoral scientists.

(This novel is the Bastard Son of Genre - it mixes espionage, dystopian futures, sci-fi, detective and superhero)